What is the Company’s illness policy?

Illness policy is a set of rules and regulations that govern the code of conducts of employees in an organization or all individuals in an institution when they are ill. Learning organizations, business institutions and other organizations have illness policies of their kind. A company’s illness policy is the set code of ethics to be upheld by every employee when they are unwell. Company policies vary depending on aspects like the work load.

For example, in a construction company, these rules and regulations will tend to be stricter when compared to the policies enforced in banks. Nonetheless, there are national rules that apply to all companies. For instance, the pregnancy policy is among the health policies upheld by all organizations. A lady in the family way is not expected to be in office a few weeks to their delivery and a couple of months after the delivery.


Since companies are independent organizations, they have the freedom to come up with policies that will see the growth and development of their firms. Remember their sole aim is to make profit; however, they do not have to forget about the welfare of their employees. As a result, each company has an illness policy that applies to all workers.

Types of illness policies

Illness policies are at work because of the kind of ear we are living in- a digitized society full of individuals who would like to rest and earn high quality living. This is a near to impossible wish because whosoever does not work should not eat! Additionally, a greater part of the population is prone to forging certificates and clinical notes to present excuses for missing work. As an emerging issue, it is being solved by use of illness policies that ensure no individual takes advantage of medical conditions to decide when and when not to work.

Illness policies are simple as what you must do if you have to be away due to your health disorders. A common rule that applies to all companies is that you must report before taking a break from work. Assuming that you fell ill in the night and could not report to work, you will be expected to make a phone call and talk to your supervisor. Also, when you come from the medical leave, you must present a doctor’s note as a proof that you were away for medical reasons rather than your pleasures.

There are policies that apply for short-term and long-term periods. For example, if you will be away for a single week, the company will be ok and will not be waiting for your notice on when you will return to work. However, there are times when you might be away for several months demanding that temporary replacement be done for you. This implies that you will let your supervisors know when you will be back so they settle the temporary employee soon as you report to work!