Know your urologist today!

An urologist is a trained and qualified physician who specializes in the treatment of the urinary tract or system in females and in the genitourinary system in males. An urologist must go through the basic course of becoming a physician before they specialize in the field of urology. Some of these problems are conditions related to malfunctioning of kidneys and bladders. For example, kidney stones are a major condition treated by urologists. Apart from such conditions, they handle cancers and ulcers that develop in the genital and urinary tract of all people whether male or female.

Additionally, some urologists deal with infertility problems in men. A common fertility problem is erectile dysfunction in men, which frustrates individuals who qualify to be parents. Instead of living in frustration and shame for being impotent, consider visiting a urologist today. Urologists will ensure they unravel the underlying cause of the dysfunction before they recommend any treatment.



Urologists work as independent practitioners in private hospitals, while some of them are employed by the state. Also, urologists can specialize to deal with pediatric health or handle grownups. Hence, before you consult any urologist, find out whether they cater for the needs of children and adults or they are specialized in adults or youngsters. Often, you will be attended to by a urologist of your gender. Nonetheless, this is not guaranteed because there are cases where the physicians are few and perhaps only one in a hospital. Therefore, you must be prepared to be attended to by a specialist of either gender.

When should you look for a urologist?

It is expected that you visit a urologist when you bear certain symptoms. Regrettably, some of the symptoms you may face will only direct you to a general doctor. Thus, when the doctor refers you to a urologist, purpose to get assistance in their time. Luckily, 80% of patients who visit urologists are referred by other doctors. Be among the 20% that truly care for their wellbeing today by visiting a urologist whenever you bear the experience the following symptoms:

  • Enlargement of the prostate glands in men. The enlargement is more easily felt than it is seen.
  • First, whenever you realize stains of blood in your urine, do not assume that it is simply bilharzias or another condition commonly known to you. Instead, you should visit an urologist. Blood in urine could be a sign of kidney stones.
  • Very frequent urination and incontinence of the same should also direct you to booking an appointment with a trained urologist.

Urine incontinence is a condition more common in women when compared to cases in men. It could be caused by stress or poor pelvic. Also, when the bladder contacts a lot, it could lead to incontinence. Fortunately, all cases can be treated using drugs or an operation.

Taking a healthy diet with plenty of fluids can help maintain your health so you do not visit a urologist. This might require a serious amount of time to recover or rest. If you are worrying about getting back to work, you should use fake doctor excuses to help you lengthen the time for you to become healthy again!

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